Chitrangada Singh divorced

Looks like the inevitable had happened. Chitrangada Singh, the hot property of Bollywood is divorced, say the reports. Chitrangada and her husband Jyoti Randhawa have been going through troubles in their marriage for quite some time, and now the couple has officially called it quits.


Golfer Jyoti Randhawa and his wife were seen regularly visiting a Gurgaon Family Court in the recent times, predicting the oncoming separation. The two have a five year old son, Zorawar Randhawa, and the court has given the custody to Chitrangada, citing the mother to have an upper hand in the eyes of law.

Chitrangada Singh is quite popular with Bollywood movie lovers for her sexy, stunning looks. The actress who is often compared to yesteryear’s late Smita Patil in some shades did not have it great in Bollywood so far. She was last seen in ‘I Me aur Main’, a complete box office failure and is set to do a cameo in Anjaan, a Tamil film.

Singh has been very busy trying to balance her work life and the domestic bliss, commuting between Mumbai and Delhi because of work. The lady has a steady fan base in the country and is yet to taste the big success on the marquee.

Meanwhile, growing number of divorces in the country and the actresses are causing an alarm, predicting the tremendous exposure to independence and clash of egos between the couple lately.

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