Chiru to quit Palakollu seat?

The Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi is contesting from two places. He is fighting for the assembly from Tirupathi and Palakollu respectively. If he wins from both the places, then he will have to resign from one of the two. It is being said that Chiranjeevi will quit from Palakollu and retain his Tirupathi seat.

The PRP is keeping this a closely guarded secret as it will demoralize the party cadre and fans in Palakollu if they learn that Chiranjeevi is likely to quit even if he wins. The workers therefore may not put in their hearts and souls into the campaign.

There is a talk that Allu Aravind may field his sister Vasantha from Palakollu in the by-election after Chiranjeevi resigns. Allu is already facing a lot of resentment in the party. If this news leaks out, it will cause much damage to the party say insiders.


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