Chiru’s new film schedule 20:10

Megatsar Chiranjeevi’s new film tentatively titled as "Adhinayakudu".This is the 150th film for Chiru, and this project will start in next year that is 2011.Speaking to media Chiru said “Movies and Politics are two eyes for him and he can’t live without any of them. My movie will start rolling from mid of February, 2011. Director of the movie isn’t finalized but this will be purely my style of entertainment.

Like ‘Tagore,’ this movie will also be shot only for 10 days in every month. By end of April, 90% of the shooting will be over and major portion of this one will be picturized in our State only. Unlike ‘Tagore’ which discussed on the corruption element, this movie will question on all the social problems prevailing in contemporary society. Title of the movie isn’t finalized as ‘Adhinayakudu’ but we will get with the right one very soon. More than my political purposes, this movie will be based on commercial formula with my trademark entertainment,’ said chiranjeevi. Chiru also said that he will be taking part in shooting without causing hiccups to the PRP activities and procedures. The details about the director, producer, heroines and other things are yet to be out. It is known that Chiranjeevi always delivers news in bits and pieces. Just like his PRP launch, probably Chiru wants to deliver the news about his film unveiling things one by one.

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