Chiranjeevi’s Double Action!

At the time of Launch of political party Praja Rajyam on August 26, 2008, he stated that we want to see “SANTOSHANDHRA PRADESH” moving forward with slogan “Mana Rajyam, Swarajyam, Prajala Rajyam, Praja Rajyam, Preme Lakshyam…..Seve Margham”

He was also crushed on Congress Party and made many allegations on Congress Party.

Just after 30 months of launching his Praja Rajyam, he says: “We have decided to merge PRP with the Congress” and he did the same!  Then he started praising Congress Party and Sonia Gandhi

Recently when asked to him whether he would lead the role of a CM in his future film, he claimed that people of Andhra Pradesh are expecting to see him as CM in real life rather than in reel life."Why in cinema? People feel I can become the chief minister in real life itself," is what he says. So he decided to quit acting to become CM.

At the premiere of the Amitabh Bachchan’s -starrer Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap, he made a statement, “I will return to acting with my 150th movie which will be directed by Puri Jagannath”. Now, he wants to continue acting on Amitabh’s request!!

If Amithab asks him to quit Politics, will he quit politics?

What about his statement of becoming a CM to serve us all???

Is Chiru a fickle minded to change statements now and then according to situations???

Do people still have confidence on his contradictory statements???

Earlier he did the dual role in reel life, now he is doing the dual role in real life.  

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