Why Chiranjeevi is making Vasthu changes?

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s house in Hyderabad is stated to be under renovation phase. After 9 years of living happily in this house, Megastar’s family decided to make Vasthu changes to this residence. “Why they are making Vasthu changes all of a sudden?” turned out to be the point.

Vaasthu Problems for Chiranjeevi

As per the information from the sources, some strong reason which was haunting the family from the past few days might be the reason for this sudden Vasthu changes. It is known that Chiru lost his Union Minister position this year. Congress under his leadership lost 2014 elections in AP without even bagging single constituency.

More over, situations between Pawan and Chiru too were disturbed a bit. Even the fans associations encountered tiff few months back. Considering all these scenarios, Chiru might have decided to go for Vasthu changes.

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