Chiranjeevi in the remake of ‘Aaptha Rakshaka’?

P.Vasu who has directed ‘Aaptha Rakshaka’ film with late Vishnuvardhan in Sandalwood is now planning to remake the film in Telugu and Tamil versions. The film is a sequel to Chandramukhi. Super Star Rajini Kanth has acted in the original version of Chanramukhi in Tamil and Telugu. If reports are to be believed the sequel will cast Mega star Chiranjeevi in the Telugu version while Super Star Rajini in Tamil version.

Aaptha Rakshaka has become a sensational hit in Sandalwood and is creating new records in its collections. The film collected a whopping sum of Rs.6 crores in just three weeks. If all goes well and Chiranjeevi agrees the film, it will become a great come back to him in the Telugu film industry

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