Chiranjeevi getting ready to join BJP?

Mega Star Chiranjeevi, who is more focused on his 150th film, has sidelined his activity in A.P Congress and was reported of maintaining distance from Congress party members.

Chiranjeevi to join BJP
Chiranjeevi to join BJP

Chiru, who is currently preparing for his role in Bruce Lee, later, will concentrate on his 150th film. To regain his charisma and popularity, Chiru organised a massive party that saw South celebrity actors as guests. He even gave many interviews to many of the channels and is rumoured of cashing them.

With a lot going around his Cinema re-entry, Chiru ignored that he is also a Rajya Sabha member and is a politician too. In the recent times, Rahul Gandhi, who is the Vice President of National Congress, have spoken with Chiranjeevi regarding the same issue.

Rahul Gandhi, who spoke with Chiranjeevi, reminded that it was Congress that made in a National politician, gave him the Rajya Sabha seat and made him the minister of Tourism. He further added that A.P. Congress is in its worst phase, he (Chiranjeevi) should be in a most active state ever, rather planning for his 150th film isn’t good.

Chiranjeevi, who gave a blistering entry into politics with Praja Rajyam Party (PRP), had later on merged it into Congress. Many of his fans and followers didn’t support this move. His brother, Pawan Kalyan too was unhappy, who felt that his brother’s voice isn’t heard in National Level and founded Jana Sena Party.

Now, with Rahul Gandhi’s remarks over Chiranjeevi’s activeness in Congress, Chiranjeevi felt bad and decide to look over BJP. Chiru, who is said to be of planning to join BJP, had already consulted his supports and party workers regarding this.

BJP is also keen in joining Chiranjeevi in its party. It also supported him indirectly by giving permission to the airlines that were started by his son Ram Charan. With Pawan Kalyan already in their team and now Chiranjeevi on the cards of joining, BJP-TDP is looking towards it as political mileage.

Shall be seen whether Chiranjeevi will be joining BJP or not.

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