Chiranjeevi comments on Pawan meeting Modi


Briefly after Pawan Kalyan’s debated meeting with BJP’s ideal candidate for running Prime Minister Narendra Modi, brother and Union Minister Chiranjeevi made some interesting comments on the same. While it is well known that Chiru had openly stated that anybody against Congress, including his brother, is a political opponent, Megastar also shared his amazement that Pawan met Modi after all those ideals preached at the Public meeting.

“I believe my brother is secular but his meeting with a key leader of communal BJP surprised me” he said, adding, “I doubt whether my brother has knowledge of the allegations Modi is facing over his role in the post – Godhra massacre”.

Power star Pawan Kalyan stated that Modi is an ideal candidate to steer the Nation as a Prime Minister and that Jana Sena Party is ready to support BJP to this effect. The party will be aligning with BJP on a ‘poll alliance’ and not on a ‘policy alliance’.

With the parties vying with each other against the Congress over seat sharing and the constituencies, it remains to be seen where the Mega rivalry in politics is headed.

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