Chiranjeevi asking government to allocate livable house!

Chiranjeevi House

Megastar Chiranjeevi was asked to vacate his bungalow in Delhi as the new ministers are set to occupy that building. Chiru has been allocated another house but that one is not as per the livable standards. Chiru spoke on this to the media saying that he is ready to move to his new house but the new house which was allocated was not in livable condition.

Interestingly, Chiru and Antony were the members of Congress party who were asked to vacate the house. Chiru mentioned that other UPA members are still living in their bungalows without any disturbance. Chiranjeevi stated that this factor is looking interesting.

Chiranjeevi stated that this poor maintenance of the quarters is an indication to the negligence of Urban Development Ministry. We have to see how Congress and BJP responds to Chiru’s comments.

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