Chiranjeevi Accepts Failure

While the entire nation is soaking the Election fervour and accepting the victory of a particular political party,there are some who are still not ready for it. That certainly seems to be the case with our very own Megastar Chiranjeevi who is in no mood to accept the defeat of his political party (albeit virtually).


In a recent meeting with the Congress candidates,Megastar said, “Sometimes, good films don’t run. It is not because of the film itself. Various other factors kill the film at the Box Office. But do we stop making films? No, we come up with another film. The situation is the same for Congress party now, There is a tough road ahead and it will not be easy. But we must not be disappointed. We must keep trying to succeed”.

His comments clearly state that he himself knows about the way his party has performed terribly in both-the centre as well as in the state of Andhra Pradesh. However,he seems to be making last few efforts to encourage the party workers and candidates to atleast give their best shot.

Whether the party will go on to create an impact or no in the coming elections,only time will tell.

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