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Chinnadana Nee Kosam Review: After a series of hit, Nitin came on to the screens again aspiring to bag a hat-trick. “Chinnadana Neekosam” came on to the screens today with huge expectations. Read on to know whether Nitin managed to bag a hat-trick or not.


Once again, Nitin picked up a youthful character in which he acted as a youngster who woos young girls. Nitin (Nitin) loves Mishti (Nandini) in the first instance and he decides to go after this girl. Mishti initially doesn’t like Nitin following her saying the name of love. But, few instances makes her depend on Nitin. Finally, they turn close and she even turns into a close girl for Nitin’s family. At this point of time, few instances takes place and Mishti leaves to Barcelona. Why she leaves Nitin and goes to that location and what exactly is in between Nitin and Mishti, should be seen on the big screens.

Star Performances:

Nitin improved a lot in youthful roles and this aspect can be seen clearly in this flick. He looked good apart from acting well in the scenes. He took up the wooing and comedy episodes with ease. Mishti was fine as love interest of Nitin and her role was given limited scope. Nassar, Naresh, Sitara and Ali supported the lead roles perfectly in this venture. At few instances, it looked like their characters were given restricted scope.

Technical Aspects:

Lack of high profile twists in the story made the difference. Karunakaran was a specialist in love stories as his flicks in the past were blockbuster love stories. This time, the expectations on him made this flick look a bit weak on the big screen. The story of this venture had huge variation between first and the second half. On the other hand, the songs too were on the average line. Technically department failed to some extent to give their best while the performances of the actors elevated the flick to cover it up.

On an average:

On an average, this venture is on the same line as that of Varun Teja’s “Mukunda”. Both these flicks may compete against one another at the box office for high collections in the Christmas and New Year season. We can expect the trade of both these flicks to be on the same standard.

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