Child artiste targeted by moral critics!!

It seems there’s no end to these displays of overt seemingly self righteous behaviour, especially in the social media, and no lows to which these people will sink to mask whatever personal agendas or issues they have.


The new target for the moral critics on the social media pages is the child artiste Baby Nayanthara, the young girl who captured the hearts of the viewers with her indelible performance in Trivandrum Lodge and many other movies including Swarnam, Akasham, Loud Speaker, Poppins etc.

The viciously callous attacks started with the sleazy and completely improper post of her picture in a short dress with the tagline – will she grow up to be like the real Nayantara?

This is borderline unethical behaviour and surely shows something fundamentally wrong with the perception of these self appointed critics and upholders of values. The more disheartening responses and ‘likes’ that the post received would have made any rational and civilized person at the very least cringe at the thought of someone targeting such a young child for whatever agenda.

What is to be gained by this, one is forced to ask? A passing entertainment for those looking for a distraction from the mundane reality of their lives?

Are they forgetting that they are being participants, with full intent or not, to dealing a savage blow to the emotional and social well being of a talented child?

What followed next was nothing short of shameful. One may chalk it up to mob mentality or someone looking for an applause from the malicious crowd, but it happened nonetheless – someone attacked the parents of the young actress for having loose morals and ‘parading’ their daughter in such attires!!

Let’s not forget that all this is for a completely innocent picture of a child in a fashionable garment.

Truly, one wonders where the new age of social media growth is taking us, as under the cover and strength of anonymity, it feels like the worst elements of the human mind are finally being showcased.

Let’s hope this shameful campaign stops soon and Baby Nayanthara and her family are left in peace, giving them the opportunity to raise their daughter in a healthy environment where she can grow to be the talented actress she can be.

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