Chettiyar Wedding for Amala Paul!

Amala Paul’s wedding with director A L Vijay sure seems like the stuff dreams are made of! The couple, who belong to different faiths, have decided to split their wedding and engagement ceremonies in to two distinct styles to please both their families. A sweet gesture indeed…


The wedding will take place on June 12 in Chennai and the big, star studded event with a guest list of the big names in Tamil and Telugu film industries will follow the Hindu traditions and as per the groom’s customs will be a traditional Chettiyar style ceremony.

The engagement, however, which is to take place on June 7 in Kochi will be held in a church and will follow the traditions of the Christian faith like the bride’s side. Amala will be wearing a white wedding gown, as is her mother’s dream she says, which is designed by Delhi based designer Himangi.

The Sangeet ceremony, also in Kochi, will see the blushing bride to be in a beautiful dress designed by Anita Dongre.
“My jewels are from Amraapali while the rest of the ornaments are from Joy Alukkaas,” says the jubilant and excited Amala. “I’ve been planning the details of the wedding for long now and the details are vivid in my mind.” She adds.

Amala and Vijay met while working on the movie Deiva Thirumagal and fell in love but decided to keep their relationship a secret for some time. It was only recently that the couple came out with their love for each other, both to their families and the rest of the world, and soon announced their upcoming nuptials.

Amala has made it clear that after the wedding her family will be her first priority and she has no plans to continue her acting career as of now.

Well, whatever decisions they make now and in the future, we wish them a happy and blessed married life…

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