Chef Hindi Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

Movie Name Chef
Movie Cast Saif Ali Khan,Padmapriya Janakiraman
Director Raja Krishna Menon
Music Director Raghu Dixit, Amaal Mallik
Production Company T-Series
Release Date October 6, 2017

After making a flawless film like Airlift starring KhiladiKumaar , Raja Krishna Menon chooses to remake the English film Chef and has Anaadi Said Ali Khan in the lead. While Airlift dealt with humanity, patriotism and war, Chef deals with human emotions. Does this slice of a life film work? Well, almost.

Saif in Chef
Saif in Chef

The movie is a part of life of Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan), who leads the cooks in 3 star restaurant. He ends up beating a customer when he comments on the dish. He lands up in jail followed by bail. On a friend’s advice, he travels to Kochi where his son and estranged wife lives. The son’s name is Armaan (SvarKamble) and wife is played by Padma Janakiraman. She is dating Biju (Milind Soman) . The rest of the film is about his bonding with his son, his conversations with the wife, a food truck idea and a road trip too.

Chef is a simple film trying to balance emotion and humor and a bit of sentiment. True to its name and the role of the protagonist, the movie presents some mouthwatering dishes or preparation on the screen. You can just not smell. The movie goes on a smooth flow, sometimes tedious too. Many a scene are predictable and that’s a major drawback of the film. It’s the light-hearted moments that score marks in the film. There is an interesting reference to Saif’s own DilChahtahain when, where he says he has been there with his friends and got robbed.Also, when Roshan meets Biju is also an interesting scene.

Performances wise, everyone have done more than decent job. The film has many unfamiliar faces, yet they brought in a great impact. Be it the leading lady or the child artiste or the ensemble cast, they could cover up for some flaws in screenplay too. His casting in Airlift was also noteworthy.

Saif Ali Khan Chef
Saif Ali Khan Chef

Saif has always been experimental I the scripts he has chosen. Chef is one such good choice.

The camera seemed to have food fetish and thus could capture the food related stuff very well, along with the non-food scenes. Music by Raghu Dixit is suitable to the film.

Raja Krishna Menon’s earlier work is no doubt superior to Chef in many aspects. However, he also made sure this official remake doesn’t lose its flavor either. His Malayali background probably made him to set a lot of context and content in the mallu world, which anyways seemed convincing. For the same reason, his leading lady could give a strong performance like what Nimrat gave in Airlift
When compared to the original, Chef comes second, but again it has bene made to suit our storytelling and culture too. One watch wouldn’t harm for this feel good tale.

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