Chay-Sam’s Valentine’s Day pic going viral

The cute love couple of Tollywood Naga Chaitanya and Samantha got engaged in January. Since then the loving couple has been admired by many fans and wished for their happiness forever. Now a pic of them is going viral among these fans.

Chay and Sam Kiss
Chay and Sam Kiss

Yesterday, a picture of Chaitanya and Samantha was out, and it is going viral across social networking sites. Samantha was seen kissing Chay on his forehead with love. After inquiry, it revealed that Sam herself shared that pic with a tweet. She has written that Chay is her love of her life, forever. She said that why today is a special day, every day. She meant that she loves him every day the same. Samantha has shown her love on Chay in as many ways as she can. She went to car race even though she was feared if higher speeds. She wore a special saree to their engagement which was designed with their memories. She has been publicly tweeting her love on Chay in all possible occasions.

Both Chaitanya and Samantha are busy with their films right now. Samantha has decided to reduce her skin show after engagement and Chay is stabilizing in his career. Soon they will get married in this year after the marriage of his brother Akhil with his love Shreya.

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