Chattam movie Review

Rating: 1.75/5

Critic Rating: (1.75/5)

It is
A mix and match of routine entertainer and crime story.

Jagapathi babu once again dons the role of inspector now belonging to Punjagutta Police premises, who along with his constable Jeeva does all sorts of illegal activities like money collections and matter settlements. The only aim of Jagapathi babu is that he tries to gather as much money as possible from criminals and law offenders to fulfill his needs at the end of the day.

Jagapathi babu only registers cases against people who are committing crimes like throwing acid on fellow girl students who have refused to love them and even there is another incident where a small baby girl is thrown into furnance.

However these offenders have finally been mercilessly killed by some unidentified person who on investigation by Mukul Sharma will be revealed as none other than the inspector jagapathi babu who on identification escapes to Mumbai. The rest of the story is all about the reason why the inspector has made an escape to mumbai and how will he accomplish his mission in mumbai?

What’s slightly entertaining?
The first half of the film looks slightly entertaining with light hearted scenes and no heavy actions are involved in this part whereas the second half of the movie is jam packed with action sequences and also the flash back love story of jagapathi babu is included in it.

What bores you?
Jagpathi babu tries to evoke laughter at some places but utterly fails in doing so also jagapathi babu’s previous love story seems to be routine with nothing new in it.

Jagapathi babu has perfectly fit into the role of cop which he has done several times earlier, and continues with the same performance throughout providing nothing new or challenging for the actor to do.

Vimala raman basically was included into the movie only for some song sequences where she has played her part by giving skin show other than which she has nothing to do in the movie. All other actors seem to have played their characters precisely without anything different from what script they have been provided with.

It is neither a family entertainer nor an action movie, the director has mixed up everything and has failed in providing a proper film.

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