Charmi’s missed flight accident narrowly!

Sexy beauty Charmi missed flight accident recently. This beauty was traveling to Vizag in Indigo flight. While the flight was about to land in Vizag, it suddenly came down by 100 feet in few seconds span. It seems that the drinks in the flight got spilled on the floor all of a sudden with this long jump.


People in the flight thought that it was their end. Even Charmi mentioned it in her twitter that she felt quite scared with that incident. Soon after this drop, the flight got dropped once again and landed safely in Vizag. Generally, flights will encounter slow slope while landing.

This sudden drop in the height created panic situation inside the flight. Fortunately, flight got landed in Vizag without any trouble. Soon after the safe landing in Vizag, Charmi felt quite relieved and expressed her thrilling journey to her fans in twitter. Tough and exciting time for Charmi in Vizag!

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