Charlie Chaplin’s grandson gets married in Karnataka!

Iconic actor Charlie Chaplin’s grandson Mark Joplin (60) married Tera Tiffani (52) over the weekend at Gokarna in Karnataka according to Hindu traditions.

The couple were dressed like traditional Hindu bride and groom, according to Rajagopal Adi, the priest who conducted the marriage ceremony.

Explaining that both Joplin and Tiffani have a common interest in Indian culture, Adi said Tiffani participated in the "Harikatha" and "Keerthana" with Joplin for several years.

They decided to marry as per Indian traditions and communicated it to friend Parameshwar Shastri, a hotel industrialist, who made arrangements for the wedding in his lodge at Kudle beach of Gokarna, Adi said.

Joplin has been a regular visitor to Gokarna for about 40 years and deeply interested in Indian culture, tradition, mythology and art, he said. He has knowledge of and command over the languages of Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali and had published "Keertanas" on Sant Tukaram, Tulasidas, Jnanadev and Samartha Ramdas, he added.

The couple, who are followers of Swami Ramdas, Swami Sachchidananda and Swami Muktananda of Kerala, were learning music from Vidushi Usha Bhat of Kasargod for the past 15 years, Adi said.(PTI)

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