Charan’s ‘Thoofan’ to be affected by Showdown

Thoofan aka Zanjeer, starring Ram Charan Tej, was all slated to be released on September 6th in both the languages. However, the latest news of both Samaikyandhra and Telangana groups planning a showdown on 7th September leaves us with one question – will Charan’s film in Telugu version get affected due to this? Even though the police department has not confirmed to the requests from Telangana side, the agitation splurging from both the forces looks as if this can’t be stopped by anyone. The Osmania University JAC group has called in for a ‘million march’ to go head to head with their counterparts marching in for Samaikyandhra. Will these marches lead to riots and blood shed – leave alone the film releases. More news underway.

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