Charan not so impressed with Dasaradh

After scoring a debacle with ‘Greeku Veerudu’, director Dasaradh is now set with a new script for none other than Ram Charan Tej. The star now wants to do a spree of films and has considered Dasaradh to be one of the many directors to work with. However, the last sitting with script left Charan not so impressed with the director, given that it had too much of melodrama in it. Dasaradh is now making the required changes to buck up to Ram Charan’s requirements.

Not many in the industry are really confident of Dasaradh’s abilities to pull off a big star project. His film, Mr Perfect though got due credit, people opine that it was only due to Dil Raju’s intervention. Its time for the director in question to really prove himself.

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