Charan not in Meluha?

Way back there was a buzz floating that Bollywood Star director Karan Johar has roped in Ram Charan Tej to play the role in his next film based on a popular book by Amish – ‘The Immortals of Meluha’. The book was titled as ‘Meluhey ke Mrutyunjay’ in Hindi and was released on great demand. The trilogy written by Amish is a best seller and is all about Lord Shiva and his facets as a normal man before becoming a God. Now, the latest to the news is that Charan may not be the one to be in Meluha and he is currently trying very hard to promote his Bollywood debut, Zanjeer and make it work. Charan has been recently in the news for his uncomfortable behaviour on TV shows and constant claiming that Zanjeer was ‘thrusted’ upon him by his dad Chiru after discussing with Big B – something surely isn’t right. While we wonder if the film will indeed bring out the best for Charan, let us hope that the Telugu version will manage to see the light of the day amidst ongoing riots in Samaikyandhra.

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