Character And Vamp Artiste Running Brothel Company

‘Nothing sells better than Sex’ are the words of the wise men that belong to the film industry. While this was meant to be for the on screen happenings, the new adage is that Sex is an important ingredient off the screen too for the industry folks.

This holds good especially in the case of actresses and now there is news that a noted character artist who was also seen in vamp roles has got into a new trade. Sources say that this lady has been supplying junior lady artistes and other actresses to her clients and has been making her money.

This is said to be a smooth brothel ring that is being run by this lady and only exclusive and known clientele is said to be making use of the services. There was a time when this artiste created enough oomph on the screen and she has come a long way in her career too from TV to movie. On TV she used to play serious lady villain roles and on movie screen she played vamp and huge exposing roles. But now, she is said to be content with her new business.


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