Chanti did not abuse Prabhas

A fan of Prabhas went to the length of making an offensive post against comedian Chanti, Popularly known as Chalaki Chanti from the Jabardasth comedy show, leading to the verbal attack on Facebook and the arrest by police.

Chanti on Prabhas issue
Chanti on Prabhas issue

A youth from Illendu Village, Khammam, recently published a derogative post against Chanti to abuse him for mimicking his favorite hero Prabhas. Few fanatic fans of Prabhas joined this game in no time and started calling Chanti to abuse him.

Vexed with this verbal attack, Chanti visited Illendu to lodge a police case against the youth who first published the post on FB. The police quickly arrested the culprit and during the investigation, he revealed that he just reposed the comments he had seen on another post.

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Chanti finally appealed to the fans of Prabhas that he never abused Prabhas and asked them not to resort to verbal attacks against him.

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