Chandrakala Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Chandrakala Movie Review:“Chandrakala” came up with the negative shades of gorgeous beauty Hansika Motwani. Unlike her previous flicks, Hansika was seen in a horror related avatar in this venture. As this showed a different version of Hansika, huge expectations are clouded on this flick. Read on to know whether Hansika lived up to the expectations or not.


Chandrakala (Hansika Motwani) is actually a soul trapped in a bungalow. A family comes to their ancestral house and they feels like selling it for good money. Interestingly, strange things starts happening inside the house and few people will encounter death. Few family members will try to probe into this issue and solve the mystery. Finally, Chandrakala who is the soul which is creating these troubles will enter into a human body of one of the family members. The rest should be seen on the big screen.


This flick offered a different role to Hansika and her efforts to live up to the expectations was seen well on screen. Sunder too can be appreciated for his acting skills in this flick. Kovai Sarala, Vinay, Manobala were all fine. Few situation looked interested as per the expressions and acting point of view while few scenarios made audience feel bored about it.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, this flick’s story looked a bit routine. People have to go to check the way the director created suspense inside the story and the way the director showed the scary things. Story turned out to be a weak point as majority of the previous ventures too came up with similar backdrop.

Screenplay too could be better and cinematography was fine. Editing, background score and dialogues were all on the edge. On an average, the flick could have concentrated more on elevating the technical aspects.

On an average:

As there are no big Telugu flicks on board in this week, ‘Chandrakala’ will surely be the choice for the audience to watch in this weekend. Of course, it came out to be a thriller and horror ventures but it lacked the real punch on the silver screen. It may attract youngsters for a while but for family audience, this flick may not look that great. Year ending and lack of competitors may make this venture move ahead at the box office in this weekend and the next week.

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