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Introduction Chandrahas is definitely a very inspiring name. Publicity promoting superstar Krishna as Emperor Sivaji is excellent. The audience are almost carried away that they are going to see Krishna all through the film in one of the most fantastic roles which would suit him best. But the hopes of the audience are utterly shattered.


A royal couple hailing from the Bansle lineage ( Sarath Babu & Sujatha) give the name Sivaji to their kid (Haranadh Policherla). His mother used to narrate heroic exploits of Maratha Kings to the kid. Sivaji becomes an archeologist. His mother is very much worried about the where-abouts of the sword of Emperor. That is Chandahas! Left in the procession of General Hyder Ali after the War! Sivaji promises to his mother that he would get back that royal weapon. In the meantime, terrorist- groups are out to shatter the peace of the country with their gangs reaching vital cities. How the hero discovered the Sword and how it helped him fight the extremists, remains the major plot of the movie.


Rising Hero Haranath Policharla is yet to arise. He looked impressive in stunts, but displayed raw emotions all through the film.Superstar Krishna appears for a few minutes and for a song. His getup is simply superb. But his appearance for a short duration disappoints the audience in a big way. At a song sequence Tribhuvana Jananee.. Tribhuvana Vanee, the superstar is amazing.

Astha Singhal is a good watch. She also got slimmed down a lot. But she holds little footage in the movie,that too, without any direct link. Punit Issar played the villain as the Islamist extremist leader and did justice to his characterization. Abbas played friend to Haranath. Sarath Babu and Sujatha made a good pair advocating patriotism. Satya Prakash performed well as an attaché to the villain. Venu Madhav and Brahmanandam were good in comedy, but their footage is very limited. Abhinaya Sri pirouetted with Haranath for the racy number Aa Ante Amalapuram.

Technical Details

Story, screenplay and direction by Sivasakthi Dutta is heavily loaded with the old-fashioned approach. He tried to mix History, Fantasy and Romance in one cast, but failed to make the story or the narration interesting. The manner in which the hero finds out the missing Sword of Chatrapati Sivaji is not convincing. All said and done, the hero’s role as Archeologist with Government of India has no justification. The moment when he decides to keep the sword in his custody without surrendering it to the Government, his heroic qualities on the screen becomes questionable. A minus point is the limited duration of Chatrapati Sivaji’s role, that too placing it minutes after the start of the movie. If this episode is only placed in the climax, it would have collected some revenues.

Stunts are heavy with too much of graphic work. When the audience expects stunts to take place, they are confused with dream songs. However, MM Keeravani’s music and the songs are nice. Cinematography is also good. Dialogues are contrived. The Terrorist angle is a boredom to watch, as the subject has drilled the audience’s patience. Costumes and settings are nice and it shows the liberal spending by the hero & producer Haranath Policharla.


The film is released to a bleak talk. Hurried mix of History and Fantasy with deliberately contrived story and screenplay play the villain for movie’s run any further.

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