Chalapathi Rao runs into trouble for his witty comments

The film industry is one those sectors where seniors are treated with respect. Even they play bad men on screen. Veteran actor Chalapathi Rao is one of those bad men who turned into a character artiste and had done some good roles in Telugu movies. But apparently, the negativity of the innumerable villain characters he played did not leave him.

chalapathi Rao
chalapathi Rao

It became apparent in a casual remark he made in audio release function. The comment not only drew a lot of flak but is also going to him to take him to the police. In the audio release for Naga Chaitanya’s latest Rarandaoy Veduka Chuddaam, when the anchors had a banter going on, asking people the question ‘whether girls are harmful​ to peace of mind​’, Chalapathi Rao replies ‘They are not harmful but they are useful for bed.’

If the remark is outright offensive, what is even more shocking is the way people around him reacted. While the female anchor stays silent, the male anchor reacts with a gleeful ‘super comment, sir.’ And even the hero Naga Chaitanya is seen laughing while the lady lead seems to blush.

It is not hard to imagine the sexist, misogynist mindset of people in the film industry but an old man, himself the father of two daughters, and someone who gets to play father characters only these days, should say such a thing is even more disgusting.

This witty comment is going to get Chalapathi Rao into bigger trouble than mere protest and ridicule on social media as women’s organisations have reacted sharply and are lodged a case against him at Jubliee Hills Police Station on Tuesday.

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