Chakri’s wife facing tough times from Chakri’s family?

Chakri Wife Sravani

Music Director Chakri’s wife Sravani is stated to be facing tough situations from Chakri’s family members. There has been a buzz in the media from the past few days that Chakri’s wife Sravani was being harassed by Chakri’s family members. Media approached her to ask on the same.

She mentioned that God only knows the truth and she cannot say anything on it. Few analysts stated that if it is false, she would have strongly mentioned that it is false. As she mentioned God, analysts are saying that there is something wrong in this issue.

Chakri’s wife Sravani’s health condition too is not in good shape and she mentioned that she is fainting and is getting fits. Few close sources mentioned that she was not able to digest the situation and this is the reason for those symptoms. She asked media not to disturb her till the last rites of Chakri gets completed.

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