Chakri’s death turned to be a mystery – Clash in the family

Chakri Death Mystery

Music Director Chakri’s death case turned into a mystery once again in Tollywood. As per the latest reports, the family members of Chakri filed cases on one another once again. Few media segments mentioned that Chakri’s wife Sravani stated that her husband died due to poisoning which was done by Chakri’s parental side family members.

On the other hand, media reports stated that Chakri’s mother and his brother mentioend that he died due to poisoning and Sravani is the one who was the culprit. With this attack from Sravani as well as from Chakri’s parental side family, Police officials are stated to have got struck with investigation.

Chakri’s body was not present to do postmortem and to find out the real culprit. It was stated that he died due to heart attack and now as the scenario got changed, several doubts are being raised on this case. Another turn in Chakri’s death case.

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