Censor trouble for ‘Aakrosh’

The Ajay-Bipasha-Akshaye Khanna starrer ‘Aakrosh’ is having more than its share of starting trouble. First the movie’s release was postponed from October 1 to October 8 to October 15. And now it seems that the Indian Censor Board has objected to several scenes in the movie and demanded about 30 cuts in all. We hear that the production house has refused to make any changes.

The controversial scenes in the movie about honour killings have derogatory comments about women, certain castes and communities, and also the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation).

The Priyadarshan movie is a tough exploration of honour killings in India, centred around the disappearance of three boys in Northern India. It seems that the filmmaker and producers feel that the content is justified considering the subject.

But will they risk postponing their release date yet again or accept the censor’s recommendation? Watch this space for updates.


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