Censor Board Puts the Cuss List on Hold

Censor Board Banned Some Words

After the hullabaloo created post AIB Knockout Controversy, there came a list of cuss words that the Censor Board would not allow usage of and were banned. It was a move to control the abusive language and disrespect against woman. But latest news flies in that the Board has put the cuss-list on hold.

Newly anointed Chairman of Central Board of Film Certification, Pankaj Nihalani, had pinpointed 28 objectionable and abusive words and sent out a letter to the Producers’ Association and Regional officers stating that those words wouldn’t be allowed to be used while handing out certification. The letter even stressed on the fact that the makers should facilitate use of ‘Mumbai’ and not ‘Bombay’.

The Board met earlier today and the decision had met with stiff objection. Several members of the Board raised disagreement and the decision of banning those words has been put on hold.

The list had evoked lot of disapproval from the Film Fraternity and was had led to string reactions from the public too.

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