Celebrities died in Accidents!

Tragic as it sounds, there are many onscreen faces we saw, Celebrities who lost their lives in accidents. Sudden demise of these stars came as a shocker to many. Life is very precious, and losing someone is very hurtful. But losing someone in an accident hurts pretty badly!

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Here are a few celebrities who lost their lives in mishaps like car crash or plane crash.

1.Taruni Sachdev:


Better known as the Rasna girl or the girl being Amitabh Bachchan’s bestie in ‘Paa’, Taruni, the little girl lost her life to a plane crash in Nepal. She was just 14, when she left us all. In the plane crash, she was one of the 13 people who lost their lives. In a short career span, this lovely girl had done as many as 50 commercials, and was a known name in South Indian Film Industry.

2.Yasho Sagar:


High hopes were pinned upon this young gun, while he debuted with “”Ullasanga Utsahanga”. He was in his 20s when he met with a fatal accident in Tumkur, Karnataka the very same year he debuted. He also has to his name films like, “Ayyo Pavam” and his father’s venture, “Mr Premikudu”. Three lives were lost in the same accident.

3.Jaspal Bhatti:


He made the nation laugh with him. His “Ulta Pulta” and “Flop Show” were a huge hit. He was one of the veteran comedians the nation had seen before others rose to fame. Quite a name on big screen as well as small screen, Jaspal Bhatti lost his precious life in a car crash. He was promoting his film “Power Cut” and while driving back to Jalandar, the mishap took place in 2012. He battled for his live but succumbed to his injuries. His son Jasraj was in the car too but he survived, after being hurt badly.



Extremely popular name in the Southern Cinema, Soundarya was better known for her role in ‘Sooryavansham’ in which she was paired opposite Shehenshah, Amitabh Bachchan. She lost her life in a very shocking air crash in the year 2004. She boarded Cessna 180 aircraft and soon after the plane took off it caught fire and crashed. She was only 31.

5.Anand Abhyankar and Akshay Pendse:


They were quite popular in Marathi Cinema and also on Television. They were returning from a shoot, when their car met with an accident on the Mumbai Pune Expressway in 2012. The were hit by an out-of-control tempo. Anand was 48, while Akshay was 35 when the mishap took their lives.

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