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One need not to be a genius to know that a good, gripping story is the backbone of a film. An engrossing script supported by good performances by actors can do wonders to a movie. But Anubhav Sinha has not realized this despite his years in Bollywood.


The film tells the story of an ace conman Karan or Doc ( Ajay Devgan) who hires a bunch of robbers to carry out a perfect heist of priceless diamonds in South Africa. Each of these thieves has his or her specialty. Danny ( Zayed Khan ) loves to battle the waves. He is a surfer. Lucky (Ritesh Deshmukh ) is a skateboarder, and Pooja ( Esha Deol ) is the get-away girl. None can catch her once she is behind the steering wheel of a car.

On the other hand, there is a vengeful underworld don ( Sunil Shetty) who is hell-bent on getting his hands on the diamonds. And there is gorgeous Aditi (Dia Mirza), a girl who believes in love, trust and loyalty. And then there are also those who have been given the responsibility of the security of the diamonds. Shania ( Shamita Shetty) is the feisty Head of Security.

What follows is a heist. But things go horribly wrong after that. There is double cross and treachery. Things boil to such a point that the winner will take the diamonds but the loser may have to lose his or her life.


Only performances by actors could have saved the film, but there, too, Cash falters. Ajay Devgan is wooden. He just doesn’t put his heart into the performance. Sunil Shetty, as before, remains expressionless (despite putting in his heart). Zayed Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh are strictly okay.
Interestingly, it is the leading ladies who score better (so much for male chauvinism). Shamita Shetty is impressive and Dia Mirza is eye candy. Esha Deol is neither of the two.

Technical Details

Sinha takes a couple of zany characters, a bunch of thieves and thugs, and he throws in a common motive for them, a set of priceless diamonds. He twists and turns his camera from every conceivable angle. He throws in an ample dash of stunts (supported by sloppy animation). Doing so, Sinha comes up with a film that is visually appealing, not a notch more than that.

Cash has its fair share of stunts and action, directed by Anthony Stone. But with the exception of a few scenes the movie hardly sets your adrenalin rushing. On top of it is the ridiculous animation of the characters. Each character is sort of given a designer makeover in the cartoon version.  Music by Vishal-Shekhar may hold some interest, but a lack of engaging script by Yash-Vinay cannot be overlooked.


Stylish cinematography, slick editing and classy stunts cannot make a film. And that is all Anubhav Sinha’s Cash has got. In a nutshell, Cash is all style and no substance. It turns out to be a senseless action thriller. It is like a rollercoaster heading nowhere

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