Case against Prithviraj!

A case has been filed against Prithviraj – not by any one person, but by the excise department! Yes, it seems in his latest movie 7th Day, which is a mystery/thriller. There are scenes which show the actor handling and consuming alcohol and for one such scene, the mandatory message required by law that ‘alcohol consumption is injurious to health’ was not shown on screen and this prompted the case to be filed against the actor!


Prithviraj, of course, was not just the actor in the film but involved in its making at many levels by his own admission and the movie was distributed by August Cinema, a production company led by Prithviraj and Santhosh Sivan with others.

The current law states that, whether it is a skit, advertisement, television series or motion picture, any and all scenes involving harmful substances including alcohol and tobacco must carry the warning message for the impressionable members of the audience.

This is a black mark albeit an unexpected one on the track record of the flick which has been running successfully in theatres for over a month now and has gotten rave reviews for its fresh approach and unique premise. Prithviraj plays a 42 year old policeman named David Abraham in the movie which involves solving a rather grim mystery in a span of seven days starting from a Christmas night to New Years day.

The young superstar busy with his multiple upcoming projects has not responded to this charge against him yet – to the media or by legal means.

Let us see how the events unfold in the days to come.

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