Case Filed On Tamil Actor’s Daughter

Tamil actor Vijay Kumar and Manjula are known to everyone. Now, Alwal police case has been filed a case on Vijay Kumar’s daughter Vanitha.


According to the details revealed by the police officials. Tamilnadu based Anand Rajan has married Vanitha via register marriage in the year 2007. Due to some personal issues, both of them parted ways and are living individually now. The Tamilnadu court has ordered both of them to take care of her daughter and granted the caretaking rights to the father. The court also gave permission to mother to visit her daughter whenever she wanted to.

Anand Rajan is looking after her daughter Jenitha in Alwal. In April this year, Vanitha attacked Anand Rajan’s house and took away the daughter with her. Anand immediately complained the same to the police officers who are investigating the case now.

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