A Case filed against Amala Paul’s new lavish car

Ever since Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s Mini Cooper fiasco made news, vehicles under Puducherry registration has come under the scanner.

Amala Pual Mercedes Benz S Car
Amala Pual Mercedes Benz S Car

And among them is Amala Paul, whose car has been ‘caught’. Amala’s Mercedes S Class, worth more than Rs 1 cr, has a Puducherry registration, and in the process, Amala Paul is said to have saved nearly Rs 20 lakh, the registration tax for Kerala.

Interestingly, the vehicle is registered under the name of an engineering student in Thilaspet, Puducherry, who, apparently has no clue about a vehicles reigstered under his name. The rules specify that the registration should be under the name of a native of Puducherry.

A vehicle whose ownership has not been transferred to the rightful owner is not allowed on the streets, and the owner is liable to be punished.

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