Can Vikram bag the No.1 position in Kollywood with “I”?

Vikram I Movie

Vikram is now in the process of getting the top position in Kollywood. From the past few years, Vikram has been under cover, working extensively for “I”. Before that, Vikram faced tough times in Kollywood with few flops.

In fact, other actors in Kollywood too were in the same phase. Rajinikanth is suffering from failures and Surya too is in the same line. With this, if Vikram bags top rated blockbuster with “I”, he is sure of becoming the No.1 star in Kollywood. Situation too came in favor of Vikram and if things goes well, we can expect Vikram to rule the roost in Kollywood.

In fact, there are high chances for Vikram to break all the records in Kollywood with “I”. Spectators all over the world are looking at this flick and hence we can expect this venture to be on the top of the list in 2015.

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