Can Kalyan Ram balance that pressure with ‘Sher’?

Kalyan Ram Sher

Kalyan Ram is now under pressure to balance the “Pataas” success. His upcoming film “Sher” is set to get released in Tollywood and on this topic, analysts are mentioning that it is tough for a star to balance a hit.

After a long time, Kalyan Ram tasted the flavor of success and it is generally tough for a hero to carry it forward in the industry. With “Sher”, if Kalyan Ram gets another hit, we can say that he is sure of staying in success for few more months with few more flicks.

The reason is that the actor has got the essence of right story selection to achieve a hit. This is what happened in case of Allu Arjun and Nitin. They too suffered few flops and gained the momentum once they understood their niche. All the best Kalyan Ram.

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