Can Akshara Hassan change the sister sentiment in South India?

Akshara Hassan

Akshara Hassan is set to blast the box office with her upcoming debut venture “Shamithab”. It is a fact that in South India, sister sentiment is being seen in large scale. In case of Kajal Agarwal, this actress was a big hit but her sister didn’t get much recognition.

Similarly, Aarthi Agarwal was once a top rated heroine while her sister Adhithi Agarwal failed to impress audience. This sort of sentiment is seen in few other actress, mainly when both the actresses are on board at the same time in the film industry.

Now, while Shruthi Hassan is still on board, Akshara Hassan came into picture and this beauty too is eyeing on all regions of Indian film industry. Hence, “Will this beauty change the sister sentiment which is being seen from the past few years?” turns to be the question.

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