Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It is

Puri’s punch line political angst.


Rambabu is an idealistic and angry young mechanic who feeds about 20 mouths and helps people beyond his financial capability. As is the habit, the character is what we are pushed to believe as the star playing himself with a different name (Pawan Kalyan being known for his radical and ineffective idealism). Rambabu spends his days reacting (beating the shit out of the culprits) to the news he reads in the paper or on the TV and working as a mechanic with undisturbed crease otherwise. One such idealistic fight makes it to the TV and Rambabu is employed at a news channel upon Cameraman Ganga’s (Tamannah) suggestion.

From here on Rambabu becomes a renowned entity in journalism for his sensational interviews in the never ending quest for the truth. His non-serious side includes his sexual tension with the leading lady, dull action sequences and him slapping the comedians. The intense sequences are his bickering sessions with the son of the opposition leader (Prakash Raj).


Puri Jagannath is a rare talent when it comes to shifting gears. Though his films linger in pace now and then, the films surprisingly shift gears and holds the tension to the very end. One reason why this one might leave you smiling is that shift in the last 45 minutes of it.

We can all learn something

There’s a scene where Rambabu slaps a creative head (Brahmanandam) over and over for dramatizing the news with fancy wording and unnecessary details. Rambabu even suggests that he should learn from networks like CNN and BBC.That way, HBO will be a great start for the director.

Even when compared to his previous films, the film falls below standard in many departments. Art direction and the flat lighting in particular.


Comes a time in every star’s life where he just falls back on every move and shrug that had brought him success and sticks to them. Not that the filmmakers are asking for anything more, to them the presence itself is divine. Pawan’s was a lazy performance.

Tamannah was to play this tom boyish loud mouth, all I can remember are her hands going up and down.

The wicked trio of Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivas Rao and Tanikella Bharani reprise their places on the masala chart.


One of my least favorite genres – the political masala film. For takers of the ever surprising Puri wit.

Reviewed by Rohit
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