Bye Bye Pawan Kalyan Fans Says RGV

If there is something and someone who is always running after Pawan Kalyan fans and irritating them, it is obviously none other than Ram Gopal Varma and his late night tweets. The sensational filmmaker who calls himself as a greatest fan to Power Star Pawan Kalyan always tweets something or the other about the actor in a weird manner.

Bye Bye Pawan Kalyan Fans
Bye Bye Pawan Kalyan Fans

RGV’s fanism on Pawan had gone to the extreme levels in the recent past. But within no time, a surprise has come to the fans from the director and RGV announced that he will never tweet anything about Pawan again.

“Since everyone’s misunderstanding my good intentions I decided never ever in my life to tweet anything about Pawan Kalyan..Bye Bye PK fans” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma, yesterday taking everyone to surprise but the fans and other movie lovers say that it is also a stunt of publicity and Varma is telling lies yet again. And surprising RGV, Pawan Kalyan also in his recent interviews mentioned about the director and his tweets. Whatever it may be now, Ram Gopal Varma takes a time to make a comeback and hit strong at Pawan for sure in the future.

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