Buy Mahesh and Get Anushka free

PVP Cinema, which is producing the upcoming family entertainer ‘Brahmotsavam’ starring super star Mahesh Babu, has come up with a unique offer of giving Anushka free if they buy Mahesh.

Mahesh and Anushka
Mahesh and Anushka

Well, they are not actually selling the actors but their movies. PVP produced two Anushka starrer ‘Varna’ and ‘Size Zero’. As the makers had great confidence over the films, they didn’t sell the satellite rights before release. After release, both movies turned out to be turkeys at the box office. Hence, no channel came forward to acquire the satellite rights.

Considering the craze for the satellite rights of Mahesh’s Brahmotsavam, PVP has put forward the deal of acquiring Varna and Size Sero too if a channel wants Brahmotsavam satellite rights.

It is heard that no channel is coming forward for this dubious deal as they don’t want two flops for one crazy film.

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