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Rating: 3.50/5

Critic Rating: (3.50/5)

It is

The new Puri fairy tale.


Imagine a world where anything is possible – imagine Telugu cinema. Our stars/heroes can be the cause and the solution to the next world war before intermission. But, this protagonist of Puri’s been modest enough and sufficed his ambition to India and its politics.

Surya (Mahesh) arrives in Mumbai one day with a strong fixation to make the whole city stink of piss (metaphorically). He arrives at a time when all the other gangsters/dons of the city are either killed or jailed. Starting off by swindling a random rich kid on the road, Surya with his wit and overwhelming persona soon befriends a local politician. Gathering the out of work criminals he rises to be Surya bhai. Surya bhai’s goal is to be the next big player in the now empty field of organised crime. Also a part of his plan is the commissioner’s daughter (Kajal playing Chitra). And like all other honourable men occupying the ranks of Telugu heroes, he stays true to her even though she’s just a part of the plan initially.

What’s good?

The film’s flash pace and compact running time (130 minutes) are its best features. The pace can mainly be attributed to the screenplay which in a long time is not random and scattered.

The writer/director had shed the idea of disconnected episodes with the comedians, in fact, this is the only mainstream film in a while which banks more on the narrative and the lead instead of the comedians.

What did the film miss out on?

Most of our biggies (directors) usually try finding one sort of film that works at the box office and try replicating that for the rest of their living days, basic brain stagnation. And that recipe of Puri’s would be his own brand of mafia films.

However, the songs are what might just fail the recipe this time around, badly choreographed songs.

Those apart, all the others: One liners, heroic moments, Puri gyaan (his usual comments about the world of humans) and the express tempo seem to be in place.


A part of the replication is Mahesh’s performance from Pokiri. Hold your breath, sway head to the sides and deliver the lines with a touch of mewl in it. If it worked to record breaking levels in Pokiri, so should this one.

Nasar, Prakash Raj, the female lead and others occupy their usual seats, appear when asked and do as told. It’s the easiest of instructions to follow – “do it like in that other film, that one, the one that was a hit”.


Reminded me of Golimaar. Quick, to the point and funny. Let us hope at least this one does well at the BO.

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