Burra Katha Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)
Movie Name Burra Katha
Cast Aditya pudipeddi, Mishti Chakraborthy, Naira Shah, Rajendra Prasad, Posani Krishna Murali,Pruthvi,
Abhimanyu Singh
Director Diamond Ratna Babu
Music Director Sai Kartheek
DOP C Ram Prasad
Editor M R Varma
Producer H K Srikanth Deepala, Kishore


Abhiram (Aadi Sai Kumar) is a person who is born with a problem. He is born with two brains which function differently. At one time, Abhiram looks like a normal person and he immediately changes gear to an altogether different person. What problems did he land in? How did he solve his own problems? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.


As the movie is extremely important for his career, Aadi has worked really hard and delivered his career-best performance in this film. He has showcased the variations between Ram and Abhi’s characters very well and justified his role. Mishti Chakraborty looked gorgeous in the film. Her chemistry with Aadi is an absolute delight to watch. Naira Shah is pretty and promising in the film. Rajendra Prasad delivered an energetic performance in the film. All his scenes came out really well and his comedy timing is really funny. Posani Krishna Murali and Prudhvi also justified their roles. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The Production values by the Deepala Arts are good. Cinematographer C Ram Prasad gave beautiful visuals for the film. Music by Sai Kartheek is one of the highlights of this film. Especially his BGM is pleasant. Editing by M R Varma is decent. The entire technical team worked hard to come up with decent output for the movie.


Director Diamond Ratna Babu picked an interesting concept for the film. He has succeeded in making the movie with full-length entertainment. The director has given more importance for commercial elements like love, romance, comedy, and entertainment in his movie and will engage the audience throughout the film. But, the director failed to manage a proper story in the movie. More than a solid story, the director has focused on the entertainment factor and it is a major drawback in the film. The movie starts off on an interesting note and the entire first half is full of romance, comedy, love, and entertainment. The story actually never moves forward and it is a major disappointment. The director could have invested more focus on coming up with proper content. The comedy is good but it failed to take the film to the success path. The lack of a proper story and some boring sequences will be the minus points in the movie. Overall, ‘Burra Katha’ is not a film that entertains throughout the end.

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