Bunny Name in Suchi Leaks

The Twitter handle of popular singer Suchitra has become Suchi leaks. This account has been creating a sensation in Tamil film industry for a while.

Suchi Leaks in Bunny
Suchi Leaks in Bunny

After all the personal photos and nude videos, Suchi leaks has recently revealed a mail sent to Andrea from Selva Raghavan. What’s so special about this mail is the crucial name of Bunny. Fans of Bunny has no need to worry because his name was not tagged with a bad thing. According to the mail, Selva Raghavan has told Andrea that he has readied an exciting script for Stylish star Bunny. He made this story based on a novel which will perfectly suit the body language of Bunny. He then claimed that Disney Pictures has come forward to bankroll this flick which is not an ordinary issue.

Well, we all know that Bunny has nothing to do with it but fans are questioning about the necessity of Selva revealing this to Andrea. However, he ended the mail by accusing Andrea that she was making him tensed for everything. Those matters were better known to only Selva and Andrea.

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