Bumper Offer Movie review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

What it’s all about?

The film Bumper Offer is a film about the love between a rich girl and a poor boy. The girl’s father throws a challenge at the hero and says that he can marry his daughter if he can win the challenge.

The Plot:
The protagonist Sai (Sairam Shankar) is a poor guy who works as a mechanic. He is the son of Chandramohan and Kovai Sarala. The heroine Aishwarya (Bindu Madhavi) is the daughter of rich parents, Sayaji and Rakhsa. Aishwarya’s father Sayaji Shinde is a fabulously rich man.

Aishwarya is a hot headed rich spoiled brat who does not give a damn to anyone. In one incident she gets the hero bashed up by goons due to a misunderstanding
However this encounter slowly leads them to get acquainted first and it later blossoms into love.

As in all films, the heroine’s father is dead against the love affair. He finally relents on one condition, the hero should try and become rich like him and make at least a fraction of what the girl has.

The hero takes up the challenge. The twist however is that the hero does not go about making money but he instead starts destroying the wealth of the heroine’s father.

The hero finally succeeds in reducing the heroine’s father to a pauper!

The Actors:
Sairam Shankar has not shown much improvement form his previous films. He is still wanting in the acting and dialogue delivery department. His new get up and hair do nothing to make him to look like a hero.

Bindu Madhavi is just one film old – she acted as the traditional Andhra girl in Avakay Biriyani. She gets an image makeover in this film. She wears trendy outfits and also indulges in some skin show.

Sayaji Shinde, Chandramohan, Kovai Sarala, Raksha and other are okay. Ali and Venu Madhav spill some laughs with their spoof on Magadheera.

The Bottom Line:
Bumper Offer has noting new or novel by way of story or screenplay. The film boasts of story and dialogues by Puri Jagannath but still it does not have the desired effect.

The only saving grace of the film is some good music by debutant music director Raghu Kunche. Comedy to an extent is okay. The negative act of the hero in bringing down the heroine’s father to his own level is not good and the film ends up as a below average fare.

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