Bullett Raja Review – The ‘bullet’ backfires..Tamanche!

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

King Midas had the unique ability to turn whatever he touched into Gold.

Nawab Saif also has a unique ability to make the great directors’ films clean bowled. It was Sriram Raghavan then, and now Tigmanshu Dhulia. If the inside talk is true about Saif’s involvement in the making, then yes he did it again!

Bullet Raja has politics, power and revenge as its foundation. Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan) is an unemployed Brahmin in U.P. To escape from a tiny dispute, he enters a house (in the disguise of a second cousin) where a busy wedding is happening. There he meets Rudr (Jimmy Shergill), the first cousin of the bride. Within no time, they become friends and on that night they save Rudr’s uncle from an enemy’s attack. Some unanticipated events follow and they are forced to take the law in their own hands. They gradually transform into fearless UP gangsters, who have a good following among the public too. They enter into a rift with a powerful tycoon, which leads to a forlorn situation. How, Raja takes the vengeance is the rest of the story.

The proceedings in the first-half are engaging, thanks to the interesting chemistry that Saif and Jimmy share. They complemented each other gracefully. There is a kidnap scene which came out so well, bringing out the magic of Tigmanshu’s direction and Saif’s humour together perfectly. However, the second half is a total let-down, with nothing engaging. Vidyut Jamwal’s entry as a fearless cop is promising, but the weak characterization dissolves all the charm.

Saif as Raja Mishra is convincing in some parts, but appears inappropriate in many sequences, with a fake accent. Jimmy was excellent though. In brief roles, Vipin Sharma and Ravi Kissen make a good impact. The movie has many other characters, but highly under-developed. Music of Sajid-Wajid pulled the movie even more down, with heavily familiar tunes of Dabangg and Dabangg-2.

Bullet Raja’s characters and the setting might wear the mask of Saheb Biwi series but the content inside is purely a big-budget commercial film. This is a wannabe Dabangg trying to hide in the mask of Tigmanshu’s reputation of good movies.

All in all, the ‘bullet’ backfired! Who is the culprit? Tigmanshu Dhulia or Saif Ali Khan?

Ok let’s call Agent Vinod.


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