Bruce Lee: Title fight between Ram Charan and RGV

We are well aware that Ram Charan’s upcoming movie is “Bruce Lee- The Fighter”, and it’s official. Poster’s, teasers are all over the internet publicizing Ram Charan and highlighting the “Bruce Lee” title. Chiranjeevi will in a cameo in this action thriller directed by Sreenu Vaitla.

Fight of Titles
Fight of Titles

Now, all of a sudden Ram Gopal Varma posted in his Twitter account saying that his new movie is Bruce Lee and along with it posted a link claiming it as the trailer of the movie. RGV has many times said that he is a huge follower and fan of the great Bruce Lee. Now, much to his dedication towards Bruce Lee, he is making a film with the same name and casting a lady as the fight master.

Since Ram Charan has confirmed Bruce Lee, and now Ram Gopal Varma calling his new film’s title as Bruce Lee confusion in prevailing in both Ram Charan and RGV followers.

Some are even speculating that Ram Gopal Varma, who was silent these days over his new film, all of a sudden came up the same title of Charan’s simply to mislead the audience and is unnecessarily creating some buzz over the movie Bruce Lee.

Watch RGV’s Bruce Lee Trailer:

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