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Brothers: Loud action flick

This Karan Malhotra flick which is an “official remake” of Warriors is too loud for ears and eyes too. The film has been stretched for no reason whatsoever. The first half is too dramatic and filled with family drama, flashbacks, hatred and Jackie Shroff. What would have taken a few minutes to show, they have shown extensively in the first half. Dipped in melodrama, Brothers is more about aging Jackie Shroff. Though Akshay Kumar does his bit to save the film, Sidharth Malhotra, the shirtless hottie, has nothing to do except for hating his brother. The hatred fuels him so much that he ‘directs’ his fighting focus to fight every opponent considering him David. Hope from the trailer you’ve picked up Akshay is David and Sid is Monty.

Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez in Brothers Movie
Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez in Brothers Movie

The film is low on logic and HIGH on drama. You must be thinking I am using drama word too much. But that’s because that is all the film has. Loud music, loud action, loud everything! The makers think that they can pass off anything and the audiences will buy it. Take MMA fight for example, the spirit of the game is misleading. It shows one can pass off anger issues and hatred in the fighting ring and then make up for it in the same.

All reasons aside, the good thing about the film is the two good-looking stars. Akki is a total hottie and his fighting skills and techniques need no mention. But for Sid, I would say he looks good but has some serious anger management issues. Like, why didn’t the makers consider brother-to-brother approach before chalking out the whole plot.

Star Performances:

Akshay Kumar is the best thing that happened to the film. He plays the role aptly and pulls off easily. The way he moves is good and the fight sequences well coordinated. A Physics teacher, ex-street fighter and ultimately the MMA champion. Khiladi Kumar is the khiladi.

Brothers Hindi Movie Poster
Brothers Hindi Movie Poster

For Sidharth, we can see him try too hard. I mean, yes he has the physique, the looks, the features. But why does he have to lash out at every given opportunity. He could have done so much better. He sure has potential and his fans would love to see that too. Achieving a brawny frame is done for him, but hope he acts with the same zeal in his coming days.

Jackie Shroff has turned everything into too much. He plays a hoary man, who spent many years in jail for killing his wife. And later speaking to the dead whenever possible. Instead of being a calm man of his age, he is too loud and at times takes overacting to new heights.

Jacqueline Fernandez has a brief role, so brief that her role seemed like a television ad. But she plays and mother and a wife. Ashutosh Rana’s role is stereotyped in appearance, but this man does what was given to him decently. Toward the end, amidst all the noise, you can’t hear his dialogues properly. Yes the film is that noisy.


The film has MANY flaws, but wishes to bank upon the emotional angle. Watch brothers and throw logic out of the theatre. The film is all over the place. Huge mess. But there are highs in the film too. No denying that. Some MMA fights are gripping and well-shot. But why play with the logic of the game? The rules are bent and the fights are banked upon how much blood is spilled. There are four contestants from India out of the 10. And then it is called an International fighting game. The two day tournament was hyped unnecessarily.

The script falls weak. The performances seem overrated. The action is punching in the audiences’ face. And to top it up, the film is too lengthy with uncalled-for details and dramatization.

The reason I have given 2.5 to it is because of the labor of the crew and the extra 0.5 is for Akshay Kumar.

Watch or not:

Avid action lovers will watch the film. And you may. But please don’t expect logic from ‘Brothers’. Others might wanna skip this one!

Thumbs up: MMA fights

Thumbs down: Overtly melodramatic, too loud

Yawns: Many in the first half

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