Brother Of Bommali Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

Brother Of Bommali Review: Films like “Sudigadu” elevated the standards of Allari Naresh as a lead comedy star. Expectations touched the peaks on Allari Naresh’s flick. Films after “Sudigadu” didn’t raise to that level and the fans of Allari Naresh are eagerly waiting for such a hit again in the industry. To make it possible, Allari Naresh came up with Monal Gajjar again to meet the industry standards. Read on to know whether this pair did a magic at the box office or not.


As revealed by the team, the story revolves around a rough sister and a cool brother. Karthika (Lucky) and Allari Naresh (Ramki) are siblings. Karthika is a rough girl who is like a tom boy. She fight with people and creates problems to the family. Allari Naresh will be trying to solve those problems by convincing people accordingly. In this scenario, Allari Naresh falls in love with Monal Gajjar (Shruthi). There will be a condition for Allari Naresh to marry Monal Gajjar. How will Allari Naresh solve it and how will he manage his sister turns the other half of the story.


Allari Naresh did this type of comedy and family genre character in the past. Hence, this venture too has good performance from this star. It is a cake walk for him to act in this role. Karthika’s role looked new on screen, but her role was limited by the film maker. Limited scope was given to her role.

The story of this flick didn’t demand anything new from the actors. Almost all the actors in this flick did their roles with ease as they performed such sort of roles in the past.

Techincal Aspects:

Chinni Krishna didn’t prepare a strong script. He is known for blockbuster films with full of comedy, twists and powerful sequences. This time, he made a story which is a bit predictable and is not too much with challenging to the audience. People can expect the sequences and as there are less twists, their expectations will be shown in the next scenario.

Average background music and the songs too degraded the level of the flick to some extent. Lag factor was observed to some extent in this film.


This flick is expected to be a comedy entertainer in this season. Unfortunately, the lag factor and the predictable story made this flick look a bit weak in this season. For the fans of Allari Naresh, who expected tons of comedy, this flick may not serve them the best, on screen.

The sequences between Karthika and Allari Naresh will look good on screen but other characters looks like repeated ones. On an average, this flick is just up to the mark.

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