Broker 2 Actress Siri Sri Lodges Police Complaint

Newcomer Siri Sri, who shot to fame with “Broker 2”, recently became a victim of cyber crime. Broker 2 Actress Siri Sri Lodges Police Complaint.


Reportedly, a guy from a prominent educational society based in Hyderabad, hacked the Facebook account of Siri Sri and asked donations from her friends saying that it is for the purpose of “social service”.

Unaware of the fact that they were being duped, Siri Sri’s friends ‘donated’ a total sum of Rs 52,000 to the imposter.

The guy wasn’t the smartest though as the issue came to light after he asked money from none other than Siri Sri’s father.

When Siri Sri’s father informed her about this, she realized that someone had hacked her account and was asking for money on her behalf . She later relaised that many of her friends were cheated for money in the same manner.

Siri Sri immediately lodged a complaint with the Jubilee Hills Police Station about this.

After primary investigation, police have identified the miscreant as the Assistant General Manager of a reputed Educational Society based in Hyderabad. More updates to follow!

Siri Sri is a budding actress with an ambitious nature. She was last seen on screen in “Broker 2”.

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